Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Tangelo

Te Ngahere was writing about Tangelos. We were doing descriptive writing about Tangelos some of us did not know what a Tangelo was. So we all tried one then we had to write what it smells like, what it sounds like, what it tastes like.

The Tangelo

The Tangelo looks like a bumpy, orange stress ball.
The Tangelo feels like an scrunched up  piece of orange  paper wrapped up in glad wrap very well wrapped .
Smells like a yummy worm smell of summer.
The tangelo sounds  like a crispy, crackly sound.
The tangelo tastes not just like an orange but like a sweet juicy mouth watering tasty lolly.
The skin of the tangelo is a sourer sweet taste

As I bite into it and the juice squirts everywhere. Image result for a tangelo

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