Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A few weeks back in the Blue reading group, Ocean, Max, Tarquinn, Cilla, Lesane and I were reading about a book called Holding my breath By Melinda Szymanik.
It was about a boy who did not know how to breath properly when he is swimming.

We were learning to answer inference questions and write it on a google doc.

Holding My Breath by Melinda Szymanik

  1. Find out the names of two picture books this author has written.
        The two picture book that this author has written are While           
         You are sleeping and Made with love.
  1. Why did the main character like to hold his breath?
         The main character like to hold his breath because he can not         seem to get the rhythm right when he did them all at once.
  1. What forced the boy to swim out to the raft?
       The boy was forced to go to the raft because Rod had slipped and  he would not get back up.
  1. What other choices did he have?
       The other choices he had was to go up and tell the boys to go           get him.
  1. What water safety rule did he ignore?
       The water safety to breathe properly when you swim.
  1. What happened once the boys arrived?
       The boy started not help Rod and the boy
  1. It took the main character a hard lesson to encourage him to learn to swim properly.  Tell us a similar situation you have had.
        I did not have a similar situation

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